Q: What are the store hours?

A: Our store hours of operation are as follows...

Monday: 10 - 5

Tuesday: 10 - 5

Wednesday: 10 - 5

Thursday: 10 - 5

Friday: 10 - 5

Saturday: 10 - 4

Our online shop is open 24/7, though customer queries regarding online purchases will only be answered during regular business hours. 

Q: How did you decide to call your store The Hen House?

A: The store was originally a farm and garden store. Judy was oftentimes the only "hen" amongst all the "roosters", and so when she decided to open the ladies section of the store it seemed a fitting name.

Fun fact: The bathing suit section of The Hen House is the original structure. 


Q: How long has The Hen House been in business?



Q: Where do you buy your products?



Q:  What age/gender do you focus on?



Q: What makes your footwear different than other stores?



Q: Why such a high price tag on Prima Donna bras?




Q: What's so special about Yoga Jeans?




Q: What is your customer reward program?




Q: Can we make special appointments for individual fittings?

A: Over 22 years... and it is still evolving and growing.  The building is over 60 years old, and in the past the local feed store.  Most of the outer structures have actually been lost in fires.


A: Judy enjoys the European trends and then sources if they can be purchased in Canada.  Great relationships with her Product Reps also give her the inside 'scoop' to the new and upcoming home and fashion trends.  


A: We really don't focus on any age.  Each customer is unique in what they choose or like.  We like to have a balance of merchandise that appeals to everyone.



A: We sell fashion footwear, but comfort is a must. We have wider foot-beds, quality workmanship, quality leathers,  and European sizing for ladies requiring larger sizing. 



A: Quality of manufacturing details such as the scalloped edges of the band, cut of the band, hooks, hypoallergenic, soft closures, "kickback" fabrics, and finally the wire is nickel-free and protected with a nylon coating that is wrapped in three layers of fabric/foam.  This results in great fit, fashion, and comfort. 



A: Jeans that are so comfortable and flexible they hug your curves perfectly. Seven stretch waistband. Made in Canada.  Fashion forward styles, washes, and fabrics.




A: We match dollar for dollar what our customers spend in our store.  As an appreciation for our customers continued support, we accumulate points (on non sale items) until a customer reaches a points reward level where they wish to redeem.



A: Yes, we prefer that our customers schedule appointments for bra and swimwear fittings.  We have extra staff scheduled Wednesday and Thursday's  for appointments but we can accommodate you any other day as well.  We are fit certified, and we're happy to assist you. We work with each customer to ensure that their needs and expectations are met.